New images from Alinea and Next

Five images that will accompany an article in tomorrow’s issue of Time Magazine about Grant Achatz, the culinary wunderkind behind Chicago’s Alinea (recently named the best restaurant in the world ) and the upcoming Next & Aviary. Next will feature a seasonal menu based on specific times and places, for example everything might be based around the culinary scene from Sicily in 1949 or Achatz and his staff might hop in a time machine and bring back a futuristic dinner from Hong Kong in 2036. When Next opens in the next few months, the first menu will actually be Paris in 1912, and the top image above with the pigeon’s leg is the first image I’ve seen from that menu: from Auguste Escoffier’s 1903 cookbook, Pigeonneau à la St.–Clair. Learn more about the dishes above over at Time. (via @gachatz)

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