Friday Link Dump

This week I learned how to make my own mini wind-powered Theo Jansen beast. One of the better art prints of a woman lounging on an octopus you’ll ever see. Just in time for Valentine’s: wearable planter necklaces. The photography of Dan Holdsworth. A limited edition paper model set for creating geometrically awesome clouds. We’re in the market for the new house and we’d prefer one with a living room spa. A new kind of aluminum can and a wooden ammunition pencil. This is what a $90,000 clock looks like. Take a dip in a bomb crater swimming pool. Refacing government tender. A bunch of beautiful ladies in enormous bubbles. The deconstructing chair by Mads Jeppe Hansen. Ben Huttly just won student packaging design. Completely insane stacked felt typography. And a bicycle for the lawnmower man.