Colossal’s 1,000th post and also a giant wall tentacle

Wow, 1,000 posts! I’ve never done 1,000 of anything before, and by huge coincidence Colossal will have its 2,000,000th visit today. What! Thanks to everyone for the feedback over the last few months, for all the awesome submissions (keep ’em coming!), to all the new Twitter and Facebook followers, your support has been above and beyond anything I expected when this site launched last year. If you want to take a deep dive into the site, I recommend heading over to the random 100 page and hitting refresh a couple times. If I’ve done my job right there’s bound to be something buried in the archives that will make your mind explode, at least a little bit. Now enough about the Colossal, go check out these enormous, made-to-order wall tentacles by ArtAkimbo.