Colossal Needs Your Help: Take the Reader Survey!

Hey Colossalers, I need your help.

As you may know, the advertising on Colossal is sold through Nectar Ads – The Ad Network for Art, which includes HyperallergicRhizome, Art Fag City, and Art Market Views.

Nectar Ads is running a short survey to better understand overall readership across its entire network. This information will help us tell potential advertisers about the types of people visiting Colossal, and hopefully lead to not only more but also better advertising that helps keep this site going.

We are not collecting or sharing any personal information about individual people, we are only compiling aggregate demographic, occupational and lifestyle data.

So please take just a few moments to take the survey, it will mean a great deal to me and the awesome folks at Nectar Ads.

Photo above by Giovani.