Some Colossal News

I have some pretty exciting news to kick off the week. About four months ago I received an email from an editor at Wired asking if I might be interested in writing for them occasionally. After mulling things over for a few seconds I decided I was extremely interested. I pitched my first few ideas and now in the December issue you can flip to page 80 and find a piece I wrote on figurative sculptor Evan Penny (previously). I can’t tell you how thrilled and honored I am to be contributing to one of my favorite magazines, and want to thank my editor, Sarah Fallon, for helping me learn the ropes. The article isn’t online just yet, but I’ll be sure to link it up soon.

In more news, I was recently interviewed by my good friend Philip Haritgan over on Hyperallergic. If you’re interested in how Colossal got started, about how I curate content, or if you’d like to see my son’s art blog debut, head on over. A huge thanks to Philip and the great folks at Hyperallergic for the opportunity!