The New Face of Colossal

As Colossal speeds toward its second birthday later this month I thought it was time to give the site a little visual TLC. Though I’ve changed small things over the last few months, the overall design has remained pretty much untouched since the site launched in 2010. The most significant change is that Colossal now has an actual logo that was designed by my friend Chase McClure who runs a design shop here in Chicago called Studio of the Month. I’m thrilled with the new look and have gotten great feedback, so thanks Chase! If you have a website or logo in need of awesomification, he’s your guy.

The second change is that I’ve resumed rotating photographs in the header each month, something I used to do frequently back in the day. This month’s photo was taken by Hitoshi Ozaki and I want to thank him for letting us enjoy it for the next few weeks.

The site has also been reorganized into four main categories on top including art, design, photography, and video (there’s also a secret fifth: music). The process is still ongoing as we’re retagging some 2,000 posts. Pardon the dust.

Lastly, Colossal now has a bonafide intern! Join me in welcoming the talented Tanner Young who is already plugging away on several projects large and small. I received a text message from him a few days ago reporting that he was finishing up some work while getting a new tattoo. YES. Can’t wait to see how productive he is while kayaking.