Sponsor // SVA Summer Residency – From the Laboratory to the Studio: Interdisciplinary Practices in Bio Art

Coming to the fore in the early 1990s, bio art is neither media specific nor locally bounded. As an international movement, several sub-genres exist within this overarching term:

  1. The iconography of molecular matter and reproductive technologies
  2. The employment of computer software, systems theory and simulations which investigate evolution, artificial life and robotics
  3. Artist work with wet-lab mediums, including tissue engineering, plant breeding, and ecological reclamation

Of particular importance to bio art is to summon awareness of the ways in which altering nature also transforms social, ethical and cultural values in society.

This residency will take place at the School of Visual Art’s Fine Arts Nature and Technology Laboratory located in New York City’s Chelsea gallery district, equipped with microscopes for photo and video, skeleton, specimen and slide collections, aquariums, and a library. Faculty will include Suzanne Anker and Brandon Ballengée.

For more information and to apply for the SVA Bio Art Summer Residency visit http://www.sva.edu/residency/bioart