Subscribe to Christopher Jobson on Quarterly


Quarterly is a online subscription service that’s a mix between a magazine and an online shop that lets you receive awesome things in the mail from various people and organizations. I’m excited to announce that I’m now a contributor and you can subscribe to me on Quarterly. Here’s an idea of what to expect:

As editor of Colossal I spend absurd amounts of time scouring the web for art, design, photography, and other visual goodness in an attempt to share things I think few people have ever seen—things that’ll make you smile, laugh, or simply go, “Holy what the what!” I’ll try to encapsulate those same feelings in my mailings for Quarterly. Expect limited-edition artworks, fun design-y objects for your workplace, toys, kinetic sculptures, and things made by hand.

The price is $50 per quarter and we’re already discussing some amazing ideas. Expect the first shipment to arrive in about three months. So sign up!