Sponsor // Mount Gay Presents Four Original Spirits

Mount Gay, the world’s oldest existing rum house from the island of Barbados, has created four video portraits of “Original Spirits” who share their values of heritage, craftsmanship and hands-on artistry. Each video focuses on a different creative: Pete Raho, owner of Gowanus Furniture Co; Brock Willsey, owner of fashion boutique Vividbraille; photographer Ernesto Roman; and James Tucker, Co-founder of the celebrated letterpress studio – The Aesthetic Union.

In his video portrait, James Tucker, who still uses a number of mechanical presses, talks about the key values of his practice including the preservation of time-honored techniques, an understanding of materials, and the production of hand crafted products. “With Mount Gay, I really like how their every barrel is mixed by hand, how the wood is selected, how they’re in the same location since 1703. They seem to be preservers of some kind of old way like I am, I really respect that.”

To watch all four videos featuring these “Original Spirts”, visit theoriginalspirits.com.