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Fun with rolling papers, or, I did not know “Rizzling” was a thing 

Rizzling is the fine art of becoming completely intoxicated, placing loose rolling paper on your fingertips and running around a room like an idiot in front of your drunk friends while the papers spin like pinwheels.

Excuse me while I go pick up some Jameson and rolling papers. My place at 8? (via booooooom)

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3d Animated Graffiti by Graffiti Technica 

OK, so maybe a little over the top, but I’m loving these animated graffiti sketches from the Australian Graffiti Technica. There’s just the perfect mix of shaky camera work, lighting, and top-notch sound design to make these little 3d experiments pretty exceptional, and hey, if all graffiti trended toward enormous hover robots we’d probably spend a lot less taxpayer money on spray paint removal. (via fecalface)

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