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Concrete Lamps 

These three concrete lamps by Henrik Karlsson are truly exceptional. Via his web site:

This is the first prototypes of 3 lamps I’ve made. I wanted to work with the contrast of the clean Scandinavian design and the rough imperfect concrete. The plan is to start producing and sell these in limited edition of each design. Each lamp will be numbered and signed. Since the are handmade, all lamps will have an unique look to them. [… ] This is a personal project and I’ve done everything from design, to the fabrication of the moulding shapes as well as the moulding of the lamps myself. I’ve also taken the product photos.

The heavy, utilitarian use of concrete is an interesting take on something that is generally designed to appear light or weightless. I really hope this project comes to fruition. Click images above for details.

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Coffee Time Stop-Motion Animation 

This is designer Ching-Wen Wu’s first foray into stop-motion animation. She was inspired by the SNASK stop-motion short by Mike Crozier, and indeed many of the shots, sequences, and effects are almost identical shot for shot. However Wu’s seems more refined and perfect, it’s hard to believe this is her first attempt at something like this. Some making-of shots here.

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