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Shadow Clouds 

A shadow cloud is a three-dimensional object, consisting of multiple shadow-casting elements semi-randomly arranged in three dimensions in such a way, that depending on the direction of illumination the overall shadow of the cloud displays various images encoded in it.

Consider my mind totally blown. Is anyone mass-producing these things?

(via art you know)

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Chop Shop’s 149 Icons of Horror 

The ultimate trivia challenge for Halloween: 62 different monsters, 35 different vampires and 51 different icons of the undead all referencing generations of film, television, children’s books, video games, music history, toys, literature, cartoons and so on. Totaling out to a staggering 149 icons to figure out and kill an entire day.

A great print from Chop Shop in New York. For sale via their site.

(thnx megan)

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