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Compressed 2: Pulsating Magnetic Ferro Fluids and Soap Bubbles 

Filmmaker Kim Pimmel (previously) has just posted another one of his magnetic short films that he calls “analog generative experiments”. In this new video he combined dish soap bubbles with exotic ferrofluid liquid and filmed it with a macro lens to create some astonishing, pulsating effects. I can hardly believe this isn’t digital. Wow. (thnx, kim!)

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Perhaps a counterbalance to yesterday’s extinction calendar, this wonderful animal video shot on location in Costa Rica by Los Angeles-based filmmaker Douglas Burgdorff. I giggled to read “you just out Malicked Malick with this” in the comments on Vimeo, as I was thinking this is what an episode of National Geographic would look like if directed by Terrence Malick. Visual poetry. Set to Time Lapse by Michael Nyman, and beware bug eating.

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