Better Out Than In: Banksy to Descend on NYC for an Outdoor “Residency” in October


Banksy’s website updated a few minutes ago to announce Better Out Than In, “an artists residency on the streets of New York.” The ongoing event is accompanied by a phone number (800) 656-4271 that you can call with a specific code correlating to each artwork. The current recording for #1, shown above, involves a satirical message that completely skewers typical audio tours found in museums and galleries and pokes fun of the artist as well, referring to him repeatedly as “Ban Sky”.

Do you think he’ll make a new piece every day? That seems pretty grueling. Stay tuned to to find out. Nearly 14 months have passed since Banksy’s last (known) foray outdoors prior to the 2012 Olympics in London.

Update: It appears Banksy is posting photos of new work to Instagram. There’s already a new piece for today, so it looks like we might be in for 31 new works. Wow.

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Crawling Art on the Streets of São Paulo by Tec





Over the last two years or so artist Tec has taken to the streets of São Paulo, literally, to paint several large-scale works of crawling animals and people. You can see several more of the giant pieces that run almost the length of a city blocks over on Flickr. If you liked this also check out the work of Roadsworth. (via Wooster Collective, This Isn’t Happiness)

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Mylar Lamps Mimic Freshwater Jellyfish





Created by California-based Roxy Russell, the Medusae Collection is a series of four pendant lamps designed to look like freshwater jellyfish. The lights are made from polyester mylar and measure nearly three feet in height. (via Puddle)

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A Monochromatic Farewell to a Condemned House in Germany





Haus in Schwarz (House in Black) was a 2008 public art piece by artists Erik Sturm und Simon Jung (previously) in the city center of Möhringen, Germany. The piece was meant as a farewell to the building which was slated for demolition, with the matte black paint acting as a sort of final curtain to an exterior that had recently been used by numerous street artists, shown above. Does anyone know what occupies the space today?

Update: After demolition, the owner, art gallery manager Karin Abt-Straubinger built a new gallery (but the House in Black still haunts Google Maps). Thanks Gerhard.

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New Video Depicts the Amazing Final Stages of Construction of the Sagrada Família in Barcelona



The foundation responsible for the construction of the famous Sagrada Família church in Barcelona recently released a video depicting what the final stages of construction will look like as nearly 150 years of building (and delays) finally wraps up in 2026. The breathtaking clip combines footage shot from a helicopter with computer-animated renderings to show what the basilica, designed by Antoni Gaudí, will look like. The structure is said to be “the most extraordinary personal interpretation of Gothic architecture since the Middle Ages.” Read more over on Co.Design. (via Design TAXI)

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The Legend of Giants: A New Mural by Natalia Rak




This is a great new mural by Polish artist and graphic designer Natalia Rak that was painted as part of the Folk on the Street art festival in Białystok, Poland. Rak is known for her extremely vibrant large-scale paintings, much more of which you can see on her blog. (via StreetArtNews)

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