Dripping Glass Fusion “Jellyfish” Sculptures by Daniela Forti 

Artist Daniela Forti lives and works in Chianti, Tuscany where she produces these fantastic artworks of dripped glass. She refers to the pieces as “Jellyfish” because of their undulating tentacles that are formed by hand through a melted glass fusion process. Each piece appears to balance like a small platter or table atop colorful, spindly drips that somehow manage to support the weight above. Many examples of her work are on view (and also available) over at Artemest.

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Gloopy Ice Cream Paint Brushes Photographed by José Lourenço 

As part of an ongoing project titled “Ice Cream,” Portuguese visual artist José Lourenço photographs swirls of thick paint atop brushes in a form reminiscent of melting ice cream cones. The rainbow-hued brushes ooze with layers of sherbert-y color that look good enough to eat. Lourenço documents a wide range of colorful interventions and artworks on his Instagram account. (via Designboom)

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A Quirky Animated Short Featuring Musical Robots that Play Themselves 

Here at Colossal we can’t stop jamming out to this animated short from London-based animation studio Animade featuring six bubbly musical robots designed to play themselves. Titled Robot & The Robots, the clip was created as an internal studio project, but you can see more of their commercial work here. If you like this, also check out Michael Marczewski’s Vicious Cycle. (via Vimeo)

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A Pair of Giant Feet Crash Through the Ceiling of an Abandoned German Bank 

Though it’s clearly not raising the debt ceiling, this giant pair of feet appears to be breaking right through it. The temporary installation titled “Ego Erectus” was created earlier this year by artist Mario Mankey as part of “The Haus,” an ambitious project undertaken by some 175 artists to transform the inside of an abandoned 5-story Berlin bank into a wild art attraction before its destruction. Mankey is known mostly for his two dimensional works, mostly paintings and murals depicting somewhat sinister and disheveled clowns. You can follow more of his work on Instagram. (via Visual Fodder)

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Parsons at Open Campus: Grant Writing Mavericks + Social Media Fanatics + You (Sponsor) 

Creative business models can be as elusive as the muses themselves. But at Open Campus, The New School’s progressive approach to continuing education, executives, designers, innovators and outliers become part of a creative hive, a collective of like minds who challenge convention — and reinvigorate the marketplace.

Here you’ll explore art & design courses and certificates with Parsons School of Design, part of The New School in NYC, and a world-renowned hub for creative innovation. With an array of breakthrough certificates including Design Leadership for Business, graphic and digital design, fashion business and more, your next ingenious business venture is just around the corner.

Whether you’re taking a short course in design thinking on campus in New York City, or studying on our online learning hub, you’ll connect to a network of cross-disciplinary collaboration built for the new creative economy.

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Floating Cloud: An Electromagnetic Cloud That Hovers on Your Desktop by Richard Clarkson 

Floating Cloud is the latest “weightless” creation from NYC-based artist and designer Richard Clarkson who has long been fascinated by the shape and form of clouds that he translates into audiovisual devices. The Floating Cloud is held in place by a system of rare earth magnets, electromagnets, and a location sensor that keep the cloud hovering at all times while allowing for full rotation and slight upward and downward motion when touched. It’s also embedded with a number of sound reactive LEDs that flash in response to music or ambient sounds. Learn more here.

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