Double Exposure Portraits by Jon Duenas

Jon Duenas is a fashion, editorial, and fine art photographer out of Portland, Oregon. Mixed into his extensive portfolio are a number of stunning double exposure photographs that, as Bobby Solomon puts it, seem to show the “details of nature blooming through portraits of young women”. You can see a few more over at the Fox is Black, and on Duenas’ website. If you like these also check out the work of Florian Imgrund and Matt Wisniewski.

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Tattoos by Peter Aurisch

I personally don’t have any tattoos but feel with near certainty that if I ever get one it will involve the added price of a plane ticket to Berlin to visit artist Peter Aurisch (nsfw). Using a lovely mix of geometric lines that mix with bold colors and assorted lifeforms, his work is so unlike anything I’ve ever seen in a tattoo. You can see much more recent work on his Facebook page (also slightly nsfw). (via visual news, blog nova central)

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Illustrations by Gabriel Moreno

I’m in love with these gorgeous works by Madrid-based illustrator Gabriel Moreno that intertwine the lives of individuals and animals through endless bands of line work. Almost all of the pieces above are available as prints, and you can follow his ongoing works via Facebook. (via devid sketchbook)

Flickr Finds No. 19

Amelia Fletcher

Xiao Yang

Patrick Joust

arterial spray

Cole Rise

Frank Machalowski

Andri Elfarsson


Wire Telephone by Polly Verity

This is the nineteenth installment of Colossal’s ongoing bi-weekly collection of (mostly) recent photography found on Flickr. See previous Flickr Finds.

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Colossal on Instagram

I just discovered this hot new photo sharing service called Instagram, you should really check it out. I hear Mark Zuckerberg is a huge fan. In all seriousness I finally started using an account I setup a few years ago, so look me up under Colossal.

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The Trashcam Project: German Garbage Men Convert Dumpsters into Pinhole Cameras

A group of enterprising and rather creative garbage men out of Hamburg, Germany have blended work with artistic expression by converting dumpsters into giant pinhole cameras, dubbed the Trashcam Project. The method is pretty straightforward: by drilling a small hole on one side of the dumpster, an image is projected onto a giant sheet of photo paper suspended inside. Each shot takes about an hour to capture and its then developed in their special lab. See many more photos from the ongoing project here. (via petapixel, photojojo)

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Stupidity Captured at 2,500 Frames per Second

I was grinning ear to ear all the way through this clip from Danish TV show Dumt & Farligt that shows off capabilities of the Phantom Flex digital high-speed camera, specifically its ability to capture the finest details of ultimate destruction. Music by Trentemøller. (via

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