The Trashcam Project: German Garbage Men Convert Dumpsters into Pinhole Cameras

A group of enterprising and rather creative garbage men out of Hamburg, Germany have blended work with artistic expression by converting dumpsters into giant pinhole cameras, dubbed the Trashcam Project. The method is pretty straightforward: by drilling a small hole on one side of the dumpster, an image is projected onto a giant sheet of photo paper suspended inside. Each shot takes about an hour to capture and its then developed in their special lab. See many more photos from the ongoing project here. (via petapixel, photojojo)

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Stupidity Captured at 2,500 Frames per Second

I was grinning ear to ear all the way through this clip from Danish TV show Dumt & Farligt that shows off capabilities of the Phantom Flex digital high-speed camera, specifically its ability to capture the finest details of ultimate destruction. Music by Trentemøller. (via

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24 Hours of Photographs Merged into a Single Panoramic Image

This amazing panoramic photograph (known as a stereographic projection) was recently captured by Greek photographer Chris Kotsiopoloulos during a mammoth 30-hour photo shoot in Sounio, Greece. The image is comprised of hundreds of photographs shot from daytime to nighttime that have been digitally stitched together to represent an entire rotation of the Earth. (via

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Figurative Willow Branch Sculpture by Olga Ziemska

Stillness in Motion is a sculpture by Cleveland-based artist Olga Ziemska that was installed in 2003 at the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Oronsko, Poland. The piece is made entirely from cut willow branches that have been cut and stacked to create a human figure. (via junk culture, devid sketchbook)

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‘Jetman’ Yvet Rossy Conquers the Sky Above the Swiss Alps

In this unbelievable new video, Swiss pilot Yves Rossy (previously) is seen soaring above the Alps strapped to his one-of-a-kind jet-propelled wing craft. It’s incredible to me that after well over a century of manned flight, we continue to make technological advances like this. My son after seeing this: “Dad, next time is it our turn?” Rossy was filmed by aerial camera operator Evert Cloetens. (via devour)

Underwater Portraits by Jacob Sutton [Updated]

Three incredibly gorgeous portraits shot in an underwater environment by set designer Hana Al-Sayed Jacob Sutton. (via designspiration)

Update: An early version of this post misattributed these photos as the work of Hana Al-Sayed. They are actually the work of Jacob Sutton (previously).

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Drawing with Leaves

I’m loving these figurative sketchbook illustrations created around the forms of pressed leaves. They showed up in the Tumblr of the Sketching Backpacker who has some serious chops when it comes to documenting their travels using paint, collage, pencil, or anything else available, I definitely recommend getting lost for a moment. (via fuck yeah book arts!)

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