The Ethereal Long Exposure Photography of Darren Moore 










Self-taught photographer Darren Moore creates ethereal black and white landscapes using a method called daytime long exposure, where a special filters are attached to a camera lens to reduce the amount of light. These neutral density filters allow for the shutter to open for extended periods of time in broad daylight, from 30 seconds to upward of 15 minutes for a single exposure. Moore shoots mostly in locations around England, where he frequently visits causeways, breakwaters, shipwrecks, and other features along the shore.

You can see more of Moore’s photography over on Flickr and in his online gallery. He’ll also have work later this April in a group show at the Patchings Art Centre.

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Haunting Ceramic Faces Overgrown with Vegetation by Jess Riva Cooper 








Toronto-based artist Jess Riva Cooper created this haunting collection of ceramic busts called her Viral Series as part of an artist residency last fall at The Kohler Factory in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The pieces seem to lie at the peculiar intersection of life and death, as it should be given her inspiration behind the sculptures. Cooper shares about the Viral Series via email:

In my art practice I integrate colour, drawing, and clay to create installation-based artwork. I investigate fallen economic and environmental climates in regions such as Detroit, Michigan, where houses have become feral, disappearing behind ivy, trees and Kudzu vines that were planted generations ago. In my sculptures, the world sprouts plant matter. Colour and form burst forth from quiet gardens and bring chaos to ordered spaces. Nature reclaims its place by creeping over structures. Wild floral growth subverts past states, creating the preternatural from this transformation.

Several of the pieces will be on view at The Wassaic Project opening in June, and you can see much more here. If you liked this also check out the ceramic work of Mary O’Malley. (via NOTCOT)

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New Murals from Blu on the Streets of Italy 

Niscemi, Italy

Niscemi, Italy

Niscemi, Italy

Niscemi, Italy

Bologna, Italy

Bologna, Italy

Rome, Italy

Messina, Italy

Messina, Italy

Messina, Italy

Over the last year artist Blu has dropped a number of killer murals in several Italian cities, most recently in Niscemi (top) where he created a three-story piece depicting a military figure playing a weaponized xylophone. Despite the extreme visual density present in Blu’s latest works, it’s impossible to miss his perspective on contemporary society from his skewering of religion and consumerism to his distaste for war and injustice. The last images shown here are parts of a massive mural painted last August in Messina, Italy—you really need to see the piece in its entirety to grasp it fully.

If you want to learn more about the context behind all of these pieces, StreetArtNews has you covered.

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Step Inside an Interactive M.C. Escher Drawing with Monument Valley 




The hype surrounding the new iOS game Monument Valley by ustwo has been almost impossible to ignore the last few days, and after downloading the puzzle game last night I was able to see why after about 30 seconds of playing. This is simply unlike any game that has come before it. Heavily influenced by the drawings of M.C. Escher the game is so aesthetically beautiful the developers include an in-game camera that lets you take pictures you can share as you play. But this game isn’t just about pretty architectural landscapes, the gameplay is as entertaining as it is brilliant—instantaneous changes of perspective and gravity propel the game forward in unexpected ways. You can download it here. If you enjoyed this also check out other minimalist games like Rymdkapsel or LIMBO.

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