New Assemblages by J. Shea

Portland-based Artist J. Shea (previously) says he was influenced from a young age by the art found in comic books, animation, and classic science fiction movies which is immediately apparent when encountering his mixed media sculptures that blend his affinity for painting, clay molding, assemblage, and found object recycling. Shea opens a solo show at Springbox Gallery in Portland this Saturday.

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Totally Bizarre Experimental Video Explores Slit Scanning

Whooooooooaa wait what? Welcome to the bizarre world of slit scan photography, a special effect created mechanically or digitally that results in warped and wobbly images. How does it work? Here’s my armchair filmmaker explanation: while regular photos and film give you a full frame image of a single moment in time, slit-scan photos and films capture the world just one line at a time. This results in a two dimensional image where one dimension is continuously (but still chronologically) displaced. Or something. This is by no means a new invention, slit scanning has been experimented with for decades and was even used extensively by Douglas Trumbull in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey back in 1968.

In this video by French filmmakers Adrien M / Claire B, two subjects engage in a surreal but highly entertaining dance through the warped fabric of space and time, made all the more wonderful with music from Beirut. (via the curious brain)

The Explosively Colorful Spray Paint Portraits of David Walker

Without aid of stencils or brushes London-based artist David Walker creates elaborately explosive portraits using directly applied spray paint. Even as the colors drip and mix on large outdoor walls it’s hard to imagine the level of control and detail the artist must possess to create the shadows, lines, and textures that create each piece. The top and bottom pieces in this post are recent works seen in London and Paris, and you can see much more on his Facebook page and in his shop where he has nearly a dozen portraits available as high quality prints. (via street art utopia)

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New Figurative Sculptures Made of Shattered Glass by Daniel Arsham

New York based artist Daniel Arsham (previously here, here and here) recently completed a number of new works, most notably these three figurative sculptures made from compacted broken glass, inspired by the discovery of glass shards in his home after hurricane Andrew in 1992. Other new sculptures include several picture frames using the same broken glass treatment and cameras formed from sand and stone. Arsham’s work is almost universally devoid of color or complexity and instead relies solely on the physical manipulation of basic materials to accomplish each new idea, a process that often involves altering of gallery wall surfaces to encase, suspend, or shroud his sculptures. See much more in his three dimensional portfolio. (via junk culture

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Colored Owl Drawings by John Pusateri

Using pencils, charcoal, and pastels artist John Pusateri creates near photo-realistic drawings of beautifully colored owls. Pusateri currently teaches in the Department of Architecture at Unitec New Zealand and currently has a number of works available through Seed Gallery. See more from this owl series in his portfolio. (via devid sketchbook, thnx jessica)

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First Responder Artists: These Designers, Artists and Photographers are Donating 100% of Proceeds to Sandy Recovery

There are so many stories of despair, struggle, hope and survival coming out of New York, New Jersey and the rest of the eastern seaboard impacted by hurricane Sandy it’s almost overwhelming to determine how to help. From what I’m hearing many places are slowly returning to life as normal and yet it’s clear that entire towns and neighborhoods have been completely devastated. Casey Neistat’s video of Staten Island is a sober reminder of this. Luckily there are kabillions of ways to help and in case you need just a little more incentive, these artists are making it easy for you by donating 100% of the proceeds generated from the purchase of prints and shirts to Sandy recovery.

New York Lights Out is a limited edition print of the blackout in lower Manhattan by NYC-based stencil artist Logan Hicks with 100% of proceeds being donated to the Red Cross.

Photographer Joel Zimmer has six great photos for sale over on Etsy with 100% of proceeds going to benefit victims.

Our friends over at 20×200 are offering this stunning, limited edition Blue Marble print shot by NASA’s GOES-13 satellite capturing Hurricane Sandy just off the eastern seaboard.

NYC-artist Molly Dilworth partnered with ArtWeLove to offer this limited edition print of her famous 2010 site-specific poured paint installation in Times Square, Cool Water, Hot Island. All proceeds will benefit the American Red Cross.

New York based artist Sebastian Errazuriz is offering this thoughtfully designed cotton shirt titled I Still Love NY through Grey Area. Photo courtesy Jordan Doner.

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Flickr Finds No. 24

Marie Granelli

Kenneth Verburg

Peter Chinnock, sculpture by Jilly Sutton

Marco Volpe

Kata Batic

Adrian Schiegl

Anka Zhuravleva

Kevin Meredith

Collette Whittaker, installation by Olivier Grossetete

At last! After a long hiatus, Flickr Finds is back with the 24th installment of my favorite photos seen on Flickr recently. Almost everything you see here was taken in the last month or so and I strongly urge you to click through and learn more about each photographer as the images here represent only smallest fraction of these amazing photographers work. See previous Flick Finds.

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