Impermanent Sand Paintings by Andres Amador

San Francisco-area landscape artist Andreas Amador etches massive sand drawings onto beaches during full moons when his canvas reaches its largest potential. Using only a rake and often several helpers the geometric and organic shapes are slowly carved into the sand, often interacting with the physical topography like the stones in a zen garden. The works exist for only a few moments, just long enough to snap a few photographs before being completely engulfed by the encroaching tide. Amador has also collaborated on a number of killer marriage proposals, the question popped as part of his elaborate drawings viewable from an elevated distance. You can see much more on his website, and he also sells prints. If you liked this, also see the works of Sonja Hinrichsen and Jim Denevan. (architizer, raymond tham, and the artist’s blog)

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Adele’s ‘Rolling In the Deep’ Played on a Chinese Guzheng

A masterful cover of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep (previously) played on a plucked Chinese zither called a Guzheng. (via the awesomer)

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Light Skeletons and Figures Painted in Camera by Janne Parviainen

I’m really enjoying the whimsical nature of these light paintings by Helsinki-based photographer Janne Parviainen who has been drawing skeletons and other kinds of light figures in camera for over four years. See much more here.

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Snow Monkeys at the Jigokudani Monkey Park

One of my favorite recent additions to the 200 or so photographers I keep up with on Flickr is the work of Kyoto-based Kiyoshi Ookawa who has been capturing these wonderfully intimate portraits of snow monkeys. The monkeys live in a sanctuary at the Jigokudani Monkey Park which is at an elevation of 850 meters (2,788 feet) meaning that the ground is covered in snow for a third of the year. The monkeys congregate at a hot springs in the facility and if you’re lucky you might even catch them on their live webcam (no monkeys at press time).

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Callum Cooper: Sculpture for the Moving Image

London/Melbourne-based artist and filmmaker Callum Cooper (I think he has the best artist home page in the history of time, some of you will get vertigo) creates bizarre sculptures with embedded cameras meant to capture video from pretty astounding angles. His Full Circle piece creates the illusion of a jumprope that shifts space and time on every jump. Here’s another called Paradoxical Planes:

And if that’s not enough for you there’s another pretty fantastic one that creates a similar effect with bodies of water called Sink or Swim. I’m reminded of the Hula Hoop GoPro that was making the rounds a few weeks ago, but find these works by Cooper even more enchanting and watchable. (via booooooom)

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Electroluminescent Light Suits Create the Illusion of Stop Motion Dance

Wrecking Crew Orchestra are a dance crew out of Japan consisting of eight men who in these videos are seen dancing with perfectly synchronized electroluminescent light suits designed by iLuminate. Keep in mind, what you’re watching is live and unedited. The second video above is a recent commercial for Experia and here’s a little bit of behind-the-scenes footage from that shoot. So much fun. (via mefi)

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A Hand-Painted Typographic Experiment by Tien-Min Liao

Handmade Type is a typographic experiment by designer Tien-Min Liao wherein shapes painted on her hands are transformed by gestures to create letterforms. However she gave herself a unique constraint: the painted figures on her hands for each individual letter had to be utilized for all variations of the letter, both upper and lowercase and sometimes even italic and handwritten. See more examples and the full alphabet over on Behance.

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