A Stunning Watercolor Speed Painting by Agnes-Cecile

Since first discovering the work of self-taught Italian painter Silvia Pelissero aka Agnes-Cecile (previously) earlier this year, I’ve become a huge fan of her drippy, ethereal watercolor paintings. I just now learned that she’s recorded several timelapse videos showing how she creates each piece. The recent clip above shows a painting she completed over 1.5 hours as part of the 1000drawings project last month. How anyone can gain control over little pools of water like this is completely beyond me. (via booooooom)

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Guest Curator at Saatchi Online

Here’s something fun. I was just asked to be a guest curator over at Saatchi Online and we did a short interview covering things like how Colossal began and my lack of wall space at home. Head on over to see the collection I put together including some of the works included above. There’s so much great art on that site it’s easy to get lost.

Tree People on the Streets of Uruguay

These are the first photographs of a collaboration between Pablo S. Herrero and David de la Mano in Montevideo, Uruguay. My guess is that David was responsible for painting the figurative pieces while Pablo filled them in with his signature trees. (via street art utopia)

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Reconfigured Currency Collages by Chad Person

Artist Chad Person, creator of the post-apocalyptic shelter experiment the Resource Exhaustion Crisis Evacuation Safety Shelter that managed to ruffle the feathers of the ATF when he built an improvised shotgun sculpture, has shifted focus to ongoing series of collages made from United States currency. Some of the earliest pieces are part of his TaxCut series, a tongue-in-cheek title stemming from his ability to write off the destroyed currency as part of his taxes. His most recent piece, the kraken shown above, will be on display as part of a group exhibition at Joshua Liner Gallery starting April 19.

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Flickr Finds No. 18


Sofia Ajram

Emmanuelle Brisson

Jen Na

Kat White


Patrick Shaw

Kirsty Mitchell


This is the latest installment of Colossal’s ongoing photo series that features photographs found on Flickr over the past two weeks. Though most photos are usually new works, I’ve included quite a few older images this week to fully round out a theme of sorts. All photos are linked to their sources. See previous Flickr Finds.

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A Collection of Portraits on Floppy Disks by Nick Gentry

UK artist Nick Gentry (previously) has been quite busy lately, completing a number of his trademark portraits painted on a canvas of old 3 1⁄2″ floppy disks. Check out the video for a montage of recent and older works.

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Clever Bookends by Knob Creek Metal Arts

Knob Creek Metal Arts has a really great collection of bookends for sale over on Etsy, the visuals are just fantastic. (via lustik)

Sorry for the somewhat sporadic posting lately folks, things have been a bit more hectic than usual lately. Posting should be a bit more frequent starting very soon!

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