The Eagleman Stag: A BAFTA Winning Stop-Motion Short Film by Mikey Please

If you have 10 minutes to spare I strongly urge you to watch The Eagleman Stag, a lovely stop-motion short film by UK animator Mikey Please that won the 2011 BAFTA for best short animation. From Jason Sondhi’s review on Short of the Week:

Animated through stop-motion, the film incorporates thousands of hand-created models across 115 sets to tell the story of Peter Eagleman. From a young age, Peter possessed a peculiar awareness of time. Obsessed with the concept that any unit of time represents a differing fraction of one’s life depending on age, he becomes preoccupied with this “speeding up” of time as he grows older, and longs to reverse the process. In the meantime Peter grows, lives, ages. He becomes a celebrated entomologist, and through his work he stunningly stumbles upon a possible solution to his lifetime’s angst.

The foam used to create the models has such strange properties it’s difficult to believe these scenes aren’t digitally rendered. You can see a few making-of shots here. (thnx, jason!)

Maurice Sendak 1928-2012

Influential children’s book author and illustrator Maurice Sendak, creator of Where the Wild Things Are, has died. You can find his obituary on the New York Times. This is such a sad day and a great loss. Do yourself a favor and watch his interview on the Colbert Report (parts 1 and 2 above), he was a witty, delightful curmudgeon up until his last days.

A Hard-Hitting, Toy-Mincing, Stop-Motion Music Video for Delta Heavy

This new stop-motion music video for Delta Heavy is pretty incredible. Watch as a cavalcade of classic boardgames from your childhood meet an untimely demise, all for the sake of dubstep. Warning: dubstep, a genre of music my ears are still trying to play nice with. Directed by Ian Robertson.

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The Sculptures of Ron Ulicny

If there’s a theme on Colossal that appears more often than any other, it’s artwork involving ordinary objects and materials that are repurposed or reconfigured to create new, unexpected things. Portland sculptor Ron Ulicny has made a living for himself creating just such artworks. From high heel roller skates to a sink spewing Scrabble letters, his art objects frequently require a double take and often leave you with a smile, be it in humor or wonder. Above are five of my favorite sculptures by Ulicny, but you can see much more on his website. Also read a recent interview on Hi-Fructose, follow him on Facebook, or see a number of available works at Spoke Art.

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Flickr Finds No. 20

Emmanuelle Brisson

Peter Holme

Chris Arnade

Lindsey Kemp

Brock Davis

Carla Fernández Andrade

Ansel Olson

Dayva & Daniel

Steven Brooks

Here we are at the 20th issue of Flickr Finds, where I cover my favorite photos seen over the past two weeks. Because of my deep love for photography this has been the longest running feature on Colossal, and while I don’t plan on stopping it, I’ve also been spending lots of time on photo sites like 500px and Instagram. There is a wealth of fantastic imagery on all of sites and I might start including photos from all of them in a more general ‘week in photography’ type series starting in future weeks. We’ll see!

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Piñata Anatomy

This made me smile hugely. Piñata Anatomy by Minneapolis-based Carmichael Lynch of Carmichael Collective. (via laughing squid)

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Light Hearted Kites

There are two extronidarily beautiful things happening in this iPhone video by Patrick Colpron. The first is a spectacular six-sail kite designed and flown by Steve Polansky, and second is a heart-achingly wonderful song called Lighthouse by Patrick Watson. What a perfect moment in time, sort of an impromptu video poem.

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