Photographer Thomas Jackson (previously) has been working on a new series of images based on the idea of swarms, shooting large hovering masses of objects in locations around New York. He says the idea is still a work in progress and that some of these photos should just be considered “sketches,” but I think they’re really fantastic already. See them a bit larger on his site.

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Rubber Heart

Love this heart made of rubberbands by Francis Baker. Don’t miss the molotov version. (via job’s wife)

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Pressure Washed Street Art by Strook

So this wonderful thing showed up in my inbox. Belgian artist and illustrator Stefaan De Croock aka Strook pressure washed this awesome piece on a mossy wall outside of the STUK art center in Leuven. The non-destructive mural is all that more impressive considering it was done completely improvised without a sketch for reference, and it was the first time he’d used pressurized water to boot. Thanks Strook for sharing your work with Colossal!

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Graffiti and Acrylic Works by Robert Proch

Poland-based painter, illustrator, and animator Robert Proch has a style unlike anything I’ve seen before. His figures are often dramatically skewed, standing alone against vibrant planes of color or surrounded by hints of geometric patterns and shapes. See much more over on Behance.

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Harmless Weapons by Kyle Bean

Kyle Bean (previously here and here and sure why not even here) has just published some wonderful photos of harmless weapons for an article in CUT Magazine about yarn bombing and guerrilla gardening. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it seems everything this guy designs turns into pure awesome. No pressure or anything. The photos are by Sam Hofman and you can see more on Kyle’s website.

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Proteigon: A Geometric Stop Motion Short

Animator Steven Briand made this wonderful stop motion animation over a period of two months while working as an intern at Partizan. I love the minimalist style that really focuses your attention on the smallest gestures and paper effects. Gorgeous work. (via vimeo)

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Jonathan Schipper’s Robotic Sculpture Simulates a Glass Bottle Hurled at a Wall

Measuring Angst is a robotic sculptural installation by artist Jonathan Schipper that simulates the mundane act of throwing a glass bottle across a room into a brick wall. The event happens in slow motion, taking nearly 12 minutes to complete as the bottle rotates slowly through the gallery space and then gradually explodes into smaller fragments before rewinding and starting again. Schipper also famously (and somewhat infamously if you’re a car aficionado) crashed two muscle cars over a period of six days in his pieces entitled The Slow Inevitable Death of American Muscle.

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