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Amazing Video Clips Visually Isolate the Flight Paths of Birds 



Chances are if you’ve on the internet over the last few years you’ve run into a few amazing bird murmuration videos, like this one from Islands and Rivers or the one we featured on Colossal from Neels Castillion, where countless numbers of starlings flock together and move almost impossibly in concert. Artist Dennis Hlynsky, a professor at the Rhode Island School of Design, wondered what would happen if he could better trace the flight paths of individual birds, what kinds of patterns would emerge from these flying social networks?

Hlynsky first started filming birds in 2005 using a small Flip video recorder, but now uses a Lumix GH2 to record gigabytes of bird footage from locations around Rhode Island. He then edits select clips with After Effects and other tools to create brief visual trails that illustrate the path of each moving bird. Non-moving objects like trees and telephone poles remain stationary, and with the added ambient noise of where he was filming, an amazing balance between abstraction and reality emerges. The birds you see aren’t digitally animated or layered in any way, but are shown just as they’ve flown, creating a sort of temporary time-lapse. Above are three of my favorite videos, but he has many more including the movement of insects, ducks, and other animals.

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New Paper Hummingbirds by Cheong-ah Hwang 






Hummingbird, 2010

Korean paper artist Cheong-ah Hwang who is currently based in Columbus, Ohio creates delicate paper sculptures that blur the line between 2D and 3D art using dimensional illusion. The paper is cut and layered to give the final object depth and form, but remains essentially a flat piece. You can see more of her new work including other paper illustrations over on Flickr.

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The Last Thing You Would See If You Were Eaten by a Penguin 

G Adventures

While exploring Antarctica aboard the M/S Expedition, the folks over at G Adventures snapped this wild perspective of a Gentoo penguin attacking their GoPro camera. The photo was shared on the M/S Expedition Twitter account where they regularly document the sights of ongoing adventure cruises. Related: an eagle steals a GoPro camera.

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Ethereal Oil Paintings by Meghan Howland 








I’m really enjoying these oil paintings by Portland-based artist Meghan Howland, who often depicts people caught in swarms of birds, flowers or bunches of fabric. It’s never quite clear if the figure is in a safe or dangerous situation, an ambiguity that leaves each piece open for interpretation. Howland is represented by Bowerstock Gallery where you can see much more of her work. (via I Need a Guide)

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New Feather Sculptures by Kate MccGwire 

Schema / Photo by JP Bland courtesy Kate MccGwire

Schema, detail / Photo by JP Bland courtesy Kate MccGwire

Sepal Speculum II / Photo by Ian Stuart courtesy Kate MccGwire

Flail / Photo by JP Bland courtesy Kate MccGwire

Flail, detail / Photo by JP Bland courtesy Kate MccGwire

shroud-1Shroud / Photo by JP Bland courtesy Kate MccGwire

shroud-2Shroud, detail / Photo by JP Bland courtesy Kate MccGwire

Coalesce / Photo by JP Bland courtesy Kate MccGwire

Coalesce, detail / Photo by JP Bland courtesy Kate MccGwire

Orchis / Photo by Tesa Angus courtesy Kate MccGwire

Cusp / Photo by JP Bland courtesy Kate MccGwire

cusp-2Cusp, detail / Photo by JP Bland courtesy Kate MccGwire

smother-1Smother / Photo by JP Bland courtesy Kate MccGwire

smother-2Smother, detail / Photo by JP Bland courtesy Kate MccGwire

British sculptor Kate MccGwire (previously) creates uncanny organic sculptures from layers of bird feathers. The objects she creates are so precisely assembled that they seem to form hybrid creatures with tentacles or limbs that twist and curve into unexpected forms.

MccGwire grew up on the Norfolk Broads, a network of rivers and lakes in eastern England where her connection with nature and fascination with birds was nurtured from an early age. Today the artist patiently collects pigeon and mallard feathers which are carefully washed and sorted in preparation for each new sculpture.

If you want to see her work first-hand this month you’re in luck, as she currently has pieces and installations in no less than four five ongoing exhibitions. You can stop by Le Royal Monceau in Paris through November 3rd, Gaasbeek Castle in Belgium, the Cheongju International Craft Biennale 2013 in South Korea, Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum, and the Viewing Room exhibition at the Marylebone Church Crypt in London.

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Video Demonstrates a Chickens Ability to Stabilize Its Head 



Yes, it’s an ad, but it’s a darn good one. This fun video from Mercedes-Benz demonstrates a chickens (as well as many other birds) ability to keep its head almost perfectly positioned in the same place despite moving its body from side to side. Destin over at SmarterEveryDay discussed the phenomenon back in 2008 and I’ve included it above for reference. Y’know, for science.

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