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Anatomical Nesting Dolls

I’m enjoying the these beautifully painted anatomical nesting dolls from Stuntkid illustrator Jason Levesque. (via drawn!)

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Matthew Day Jackson

I’m really enjoying the sculptural works of Brooklyn artist Matthew Day Jackson that confronts ideas of death and mortality. Images are linked to their sources. (via lustik — how do I get in touch with you? can you please shoot me an email?)

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Some wonderful paper works by Australian artist Miso (Stanislava Pinchuk) who pastes these large pieces around the streets of Melbourne. Via her web site:

Miso is really taken with the idea of art, and especially street art, as being something which binds us as a community. It functions in a very old fashioned way, in that it becomes a way of telling and sharing stories and images, embedding them within the city. Like folk art, it comes to have a very particular, practical function. It brings us together as makers, viewers and consumers, finding new pieces and exploring the possibilities of our cities.

(via my love for you)

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Mario Zanaria

Italian photographer Mario Zanaria has some striking contact sheets (nsfw) of his models. Amazing. (via paul octavious)

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A video of 1,871 slices of the human body

Sooooooo that’s what that looks like. The Visible Human Project was an effort to create a detailed data set of cross-sectional photographs of the human body. The cadaver used for the project was from convicted murder Joseph Paul Jernigan who donated his body for scientific research prior to his execution without exact knowledge of his body’s fate. Recently, artists Croix Gagnon and Frank Schott took images from the video above and reconstructed them in three-dimensional form as part of the 12:31 Project. The ghostly prints from that series are available here, and all proceeds benefit Amnesty International.

(via triangulation)

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Scott Beseler

Absolutely loving this series of anthropomorphic street fixtures by Scott Beseler out of Covington, Kentucky. (via wooster)

Traveling today, posting will be regrettably light.

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