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Clark Goolsby

New work from artist Clark Goolsby for his solo show Strange/Love, at POVevolving Gallery in Los Angeles last month. Here’s a short video showing how he installed the larger piece, Dead Man.

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You Are Here

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a new 5-color letterpress print available from Street Anatomy by Roll & Tumble Press. (via laughing squid)

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Motohiko Odani

Sculptural works by Japanese artist Motohiko Odani. And even more of his work here.

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Face Mug

Let’s keep today’s anthropomorphic vibe going with the ceramic Face Mug available exclusively at Uncommon Goods.

Put a smile on that mug with a hungry mouth cubby that bites off more than you can chew. Perfect for serving milk and cookies, coffee and doughnuts, tea and biscotti, or your favorite snack-time combinations.

(via holy cool)

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Emil Alzamora

Emil Alzamora was born in Peru in 1975 and now lives and works in Beacon, NY. I was thrilled to discover his stretched and contorted sculptures made of bronze, gypsum, and ceramic. Via his web site:

The human form is constant within my work. I am interested in exploring what it means to inhabit one, often exaggerating or distorting different aspects of the form to reveal an emotional or physical situation, or to tell a story about a predicament or an occurrence. Limitation and potential are as human as flesh, yet hardly as tangible. In my works I strive to make visible this interaction.

If you like these, there’s much more via his website. (via why not? and symbiotica)

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Gregor Gaida

Stunning sculpture from German artist Gregor Gaida. (via mia en)

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Vein Carafes by Etienne Menau

Some anatomically awesome wine carafes available in limited editions over at Strange Carafes. I imagine more sculptural than functional. (via who killed bambi)

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