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A Fearless Hummingbird Visits a Man in His Kitchen

This is a wonderful slice of life video featuring a man named João Silvestrini from Barretos, Brazil who is visited daily by hummingbirds… in his kitchen. It’s fun enough to see him feeding the bird from his finger, but the kicker is what happens when it flies back outside. (via Twisted Sifter)

Residents of Rio de Janeiro Take to the Rooftops to Battle with Kites

For many of us, the idea of flying a kite involves stopping by a convenience store to purchase an inexpensive plastic kite emblazoned with a movie character, and heading over to the local park to launch it into the sky where it’s promptly swallowed by a tree. But for residents living in the crowded favelas of Rio de Janeiro, where resources and park space is scarce, flying kites is do or die. People of all ages take to the rooftops to fight with homemade kites using strings coated with wax and powdered glass in an attempt to cut the strings of competitors. Entire battles are fought between neighboring “turfs,” where real life conflicts between people and neighborhoods are settled through kite wars.

Filmmaker Guilherme Tensol, in collaboration with sports magazine Victory and Brazilian production company Mosquito Project, produced this stylized documentary short titled Kite Fight for the New York Times leading up to the World Cup a few weeks ago.




Os Gemeos Paints a Mural on a Boeing 737 with 1,200 Cans of Spray Paint for Brazil’s World Cup Team

Junior Lago/UOL

Junior Lago/UOL

Junior Lago/UOL

Junior Lago/UOL


Junior Lago/UOL

Brazilian graffiti artists Os Gemeos recently partnered up with GOL Airlines to paint this gargantuan mural on the fuselage of a Boeing 737 that will be used to carry Brazil’s team during the World Cup. The duo used some 1,200 cans of spray paint to depict a crowd of fans in their signature vibrant yellow which coincidentally is the same color used by the Brazilian team. Completed in only a week, the plane first flew today and will remain in use for at least another two years after use by the team. See many more photos over on Arrested Motion.

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Crawling Art on the Streets of São Paulo by Tec





Over the last two years or so artist Tec has taken to the streets of São Paulo, literally, to paint several large-scale works of crawling animals and people. You can see several more of the giant pieces that run almost the length of a city blocks over on Flickr. If you liked this also check out the work of Roadsworth. (via Wooster Collective, This Isn’t Happiness)

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Urban Vertical Garden Built From Hundreds of Recycled Soda Bottles









As part of an innovative partnership called Home Sweet Home (Lar Doce Lar) between multidisciplinary design firm Rosenbaum and TV producer Luciano Huck, the teams went through dozens of Brazilian homes doing dramatic makeovers of interior and exterior spaces. On their 48th home Rosenbaum designed a pretty amazing vertical garden that was suspended in a narrow walkway just outside the house. Response to the garden was so huge the firm quickly released design schematics (in Portuguese) detailing how to build one. A huge thanks to the team at Rosenbaum for sharing these photos with Colossal!

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The Distorted Street Faces of Andre Muniz Gonzaga

Since 1997 Brazilian artist Andre Muniz Gonzaga has been turning haphazard, porous, or cracked surfaces into bizarre, misshapen faces in his unique style of street art portraiture. His site-specific paintings have appeared around the world this year in places like Senegal, Portugal, Berlin, Amsterdam and of course his native Brazil, and he’s also known for much more elaborate and polished graffiti murals. You can see much more of his work over on Flickr, and if you liked this also check out the work of Nomerz. (via hi-fructose)

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Call Parade: 100 Phone Booths Given to 100 Artists on the Streets of São Paulo

Mariane Borgomani

Mariane Borgomani

Mariane Borgomani

Wally Gobetz

Call Parade is an ongoing public art project in São Paulo sponsored by Brazilian telecommunications firm Vivo, that paired 100 artists with 100 street-side phone booths giving them free reign to transform the peculiar hooded fixtures into anything imaginable. The exhibition has proven to be extremely popular and Brazilian photographer Mariane Borgomani set out to capture a number of the phones, my favorite of which is the painted day/night treatment above by artist Maramgoní. You can see a gallery of all 100 phones here. (via lustik)

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