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Sou Fujimoto: Bricks of paper and ink 

The latest work from architect Sou Fujimoto who designed this stunning new library for the Musashino Art University in Tokyo. To dramatically emphasize the function of the building, Fujimoto chose to extend the bookshelves beyond the interior with immense external pillars of red cedar shelving covered in structural float glass. (via abitare)

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Aviad Petel: 99″ Lamp 

The 99″ Lamp by Tel Aviv-based Aviad Patel is comprised of 99 strips of yellow veneer fiber hung individually along thin metal slots. From Eyes in Design:

Suspended on three metal cords of adjustable length, the lamp takes its optimal place in the space and intrigues the viewer by its shape from every possible angle. 99 thin natural stripes, each 1″ wide, delicately woven and individually stitched between slots of metal, eventually create the shape of the lamp. Wood veneer has a special protective coating which allows easy cleaning and guarantees longevity.

The smaller pieces in the last two photos are early prototypes (dubbed 33″), however I think they’re just as striking as the actual light. I can only fathom how much a light like this must cost, apparently the prototype has already been sold at auction. If you’re interested get in touch with Yair Doram Lighting.

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