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Giant Birdsnest For Humans Breeds New Ideas, Not Chicks





The Giant Birdsnest is exactly that. Except it’s not made from twigs and it’s definitely not for the birds. The gigantic, cozy nest is made from a foam-padded wooden backwall that’s covered with wooden panels and filled with egg-shaped cushions that allow for ergonomic sitting positions. Designed by the Israel-based design firm OGE Creative Group, the Birdsnest is a “new and inspiring socializing space: a fusion of furniture and playground” where ideas come to get incubated.

It’s a multifunctional piece of furniture that can be used for resting, browsing the web, reading, talking and doing almost anything. It comes in 4 different sizes (ranging from 2,700 – 7,900 Euros) and, at its largest, can accommodate up to 16 people at a time. We want all our future meetings to be held in the Birdsnest! (via Laughing Squid)

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Artist Piotr Bockenheim Puts Your Easter Egg Decorating to Shame with His Intricately Carved Goose Shells









Unless you spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours with a tiny electric drill carving intricate patterns into eggshells the last few months, you may have yet to reach your Easter egg decorating potential. One person who clearly has is artist Piotr Bockenheim who uses a reductive drilling technique to transform goose eggs into slitherting tangles of string and various geometric or floral patterns. You can see much more of his work here.

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The Yolkfish: A Yolk-Eating Fish from Peleg Design


Created by Tel Aviv-based design firm Peleg Design, the Yolkfish is a clever kitchen tool designed like a fish that slurps up yolks as means to separate them from egg whites. The yolks can then be deposited elsewhere with a gentle squeeze. See it in action in the video. If you liked this also check out their awesome kitchen elephant, Jumbo. (via Designboom)

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Man Cracks Open Massive 6 Oz. Chicken Egg to Discover…


I’m going to take a moment to interrupt your normal/art design programming with this absurd video from a gentleman named Sean Wilson who discovered an enormous egg amongst the daily collection of eggs from his chicken coop. As a person who grew up on a farm with dozens of chickens, I’m no stranger to cracking open large eggs to discover multiple yolks or other, erm, unexpected oddities. But in years of collecting eggs I’ve never seen anything quite like this. Don’t miss this great back and forth banter between the dad and the off-screen child. I so hope this isn’t a hoax. (via reddit)

Update: Kottke found some more information about the exceedingly rare double egg courtesy of NewScientist which explains how a fully formed egg is pushed back into the ovary, where another egg forms around it.

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Christian Gonzenbach: Homo ab ovo

Skulls formed from shattered ostrich egg fragments by Christian Gomzenbach entitled Homo ab ovo. Lots of other fun discoveries on his projects page, anatomical and otherwise. (images via the artist and guillotine)

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Redesigning the Egg Carton

I’m such a sucker for any attempt to redesign common objects, things that have an almost ubiquitous design that nobody has considered reengineering or improving them in ages (OXO created an entire company around this idea). Anyway, this slick design for a collapsable egg carton is by industrial design student Éva Valicsek from the Institute of Applied Arts, Sopron. The cardboard flaps are attached with rubberbands to hold the eggs firmly in place and presumably allow for the packaging to fold in on itself. I like that the eggs remain protected, yet accessible, and though I can’t see millions of eggs being transported like this, it’s a good way to get hardboiled eggs to a picnic in some flashy modern packaging. (via lovely package)

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The Nogg Chicken Coop

The Nogg is a modern chicken coop designed by Matthew Hayward.

The nogg transcends ideas of what a chicken house usually looks like. It is designed to encourage domestic farming while adding a touch of playful elegance.

Engineered and crafted by hand in the UK the nogg is made from strong cedar wood which is fresh scented and naturally antibacterial. Stainless steel trimming, locks & fasteners and the elevated glass dome gives the nogg a contemporary feel and is reassuringly safe and durable.

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