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Christmas Card to Friends: An Origami Snow Globe

It’s so rare that I encounter motion graphic work that I find compelling these days, I don’t think that has anything to do with the industry, it’s just my personal taste. This clip is really special though. Created by Stephen Fitzgerald and Nathan De Ceasar and set to the music of Grant Harold, Christmas Card to Friends was inspired by the accomplished origami works of Robert Lang, Stephen Weiss, Yusuke Muroya, Petr Stuchly, and Beth Johnson. It’s fun to see all that paper goodness in motion, breaking the constraints of a tiny glass snow globe.

Ross Gilmore

While going through the personal work of photographer Ross Gilmore, this image really stuck out. Hilariously creepy.

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Happy Holidays

Things will be quiet around here for a bit, but have an awesome holiday and we’ll see you back here in a few days. The installation above entitled Merry Mirror is by Michael Johansson. (via lustik)

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To Give a Present

Animator Kirsten Lepore (previously) was asked by children’s TV show Yo Gabba Gabba to create a stop motion short on the theme of gift giving. This could have easily been done quickly and predictably, but in Lepore’s capable hands it became something wholly more amazing. Adorbs. (via vimeo)

How Chicago Cancels Fireworks

This year due to budgetary restraints Chicago cancelled it’s annual 4th of July fireworks show. This 2-minute timelapse, shot on Western avenue facing the Lake Michigan shoreline, shows how many of us feel about that. Fireworks are of course banned within city limits. (via gaper’s)

2011 Holiday Video Extravaganza

I was going to post 2-3 of these between now and Christmas but the list started getting too long, so I figure let’s just do it. These are the best holiday videos I’ve seen floating around the past week or two … did I miss any?

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Not Your Average Christmas Card Set

Just in time for Christmas: Just A Few Cards. A collection of killer holiday cards illustrated by such folks as Nicholas Felton, Julian Callos, Jacob Livengood, Jay Schaul, and Paul Octavious. Brought to you by the team over at Broken Pencils. Available in packs of 9 + one sweet pen per order.

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