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ShotShell Stainless Steel Shotglass

Because mixing guns and alcohol is awesome. A shot glass inspired by shotgun shells available at MadeByAmmo. (via coudal)

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The Mobile Egg House

In an attempt to save money on rent Dai Haifei, a 24-year-old architect in Beijing has constructed a mobile egg-shaped home from bamboo, wood and grass seed.

He moved the house steps away from his office where he would stay until midnight before going to sleep inside the “egg”. There’s only one bed, a water tank and a lamp inside the house.

“I feel good living here though it’s simple, and a bit cold sometimes, what important for me, is – it saves me a lot of money!” Dai told a reporter.

(via rebel:art)

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Tape Lamp

Nostalgia has come a long way. The Tape Lamp designed by Denis Krylov and Andrei Hakhovich out of San Francisco is a minimalist cube of plexiglass with laser cut slots containing 100 cassette tapes. The tapes are real and can be wound left or right to customize the look of the lamp. Now for sale via Etsy. (via dornob)

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Book Shelf by Daniel Eatock

This shelf by Daniel Eatock sags under the weight of its contents, but the selection of books results in a perfectly flush edge along the top.

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Manifold Clock by Studio Ve

The Manifold Clock is a wall-mounted clock with a manifold that connects the hour and minute hands to create three dimensional movement. I immediately thought this was another brilliant concept piece destined to hang forever on a gallery wall, but lo and behold this clock is available now in three different color combos for only $45. (via core77)

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Make Do: Reusable Modular Pieces for DIY Projects

Make Do is a modular construction set consisting of assorted connectors and hinges that allows you to create just about anything you can image with discarded materials found around your home or office. Finally something to do with all that Christmas trash that’s fun for the whole family. (via dornob)

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Bookmobiles by Lisa Occhipinti

Here’s something you can’t do with your Kindle when it finally craps out on you. These Bookmobiles by Lisa Occhipinti are available on Etsy. (via green chair press)

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