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Kiosk: Japan 2

I stumbled onto Kiosk when doing research for the minimalist bottle openers post a few weeks ago. The folks who run this NY-based store trek far and wide to places like Sweden, Finland, or Hong Kong and pick up tons of funky stuff that you’ve probably never seen before. Some things are quirky, some utilitarian, others just decorative and fun. The spoils from their second journey to Japan went online last night.

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Lois, a Cedar topped table with a frisky attitude

Behold the world’s first minimalist steampunk table. The Lois is a one-of-a-kind table designed by Charles Waugh out of Boring, Oregon where apparently he makes stuff that’s anything but boring.

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Vase & Leuchte by Miriam Aust

I think I just had a plantgasm. I’d love to link you to where these things are for sale, however this is only (!) an art project by German artist Miriam Aust. (via designboom)

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Dieter Rams Radios for Braun

Three radios designed by Dieter Rams for Braun between 1959-1963. While you’re at it, why not brush up on Rams ten principles for good design. (via annelinnting)

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Just in time for Christmas: Hover Lights

The LOS#2 by Crealev is now on sale via Los!Concepts. This particular levitating light source will set you back about $1,800. (via doorknob)

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Play and Build Remote for Wii by Lego

I guess this is better than your entire controller being hurled at your TV, now it’ll just be a harmless barrage of plastic bricks. For sale at your local Toys Я Us. (via mocoloco)

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1,500 nails + 1,000 feet of string, and 5 days of work

Details are sketchy but this appears to be from a 2006 exhibit in Germany called FashionPunk. More images via Behance.

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