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Dollar Broom

A new piece by currency artist Mark Wagner that redefines dirty meaning of dirty money. (via julien foulatier)

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Happy Cloud Coasters

A few minutes ago New Zeland-based Barefoot Dynasty launched their latest product: Happy Cloud Coasters. The coasters are made from Portugese cork, are dirt and water resistant, and come packaged in a fancy recycled paper box. Just a hunch, but I think they’re going to sell a gazillion of these.

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Suzy Lelièvre

I’m loving these assorted projects by Paris-based designer Suzy Lelièvre who distorts and manipulates common objects into unexpected forms. If you like her work you might also enjoy Michael Beitz. (via fasels suppe)

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A 1,000 Piece Popsicle Stick Bomb

So apparently popsicle stick bombs are a thing, and after this video I think they’re going to be a huge thing. I agree with a commenter on YouTube who asked what kind of kinetic dark magic is this!? If you want to make one yourself head on over to Instructables for a tutorial on how to make your own Cobra Weave Exploding Stick Bomb. (via neatorama)

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Dead Sexy Pencil Highlighters

That’s right, I said it: these are some sexy pencils. These yellow Eco Highlighters use no ink solvents, no volatile organic compounds and are biodegradable. Available from the fine folks at aptly named Stubby Pencil Studio. More back-to-school goodness over on CMYBacon.

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Paint Brush Coat Hooks

These fun paintbrush coat hooks are the latest work from creative powerhouse Dominic Wilcox who was inspired by discovering solidified paintbrushes he had forgotten to wash. The brushes were made for the Object Abuse exhibition at KK Outlet in London that runs through 25. (thnx, dominic!)

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Jakob Hunosøe

Jakob Hunosøe is a Danish photographer who slightly alters ordinary objects to create these humorous and unexpected images. These are five of my favorite photos from his On Things Ordinary series.

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