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Ornithology Letterpress Coasters

A really wonderful set of four ornithology letterpress coasters, each with a fun visual twist by London-based Ryan Todd. Lots more beautifully designed prints and shirts in his shop. (via notcot)

Battleship Ice Cube Tray

Designed by Jan Habraken for Kikkerland (of pig doormat fame) this is an ice cube tray that looks like battleship. Available here for a mere $11. That is all. (via coudal)

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Need/Want Glass

The Need/Want Glass from Alesina Design encourages you to think about wasting water every time you take a drink. By holding your finger over a hole in the glass, you consciously permit yourself to have more water than you might “need”. This is all subjective I’m sure, and if you could somehow apply the concept to watering your lawn or taking a bath it might be even more effective. Still, got me thinking. Each glass is hand finished, numbered, and signed. Available here. (via holycool)

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Break Soap

Break soap is a concept by Dave Hakkens that involves a large block of soap with removable “self-serve” wedges that can be snapped off for individual use without having to touching a bar that’s been handled by somebody else. More hygienic see? If only Jack Nicholson’s character in As Good as It Gets had access to this brilliant invention. (via design crush)

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A digital clock made of analog clocks

The Clock Clock by humans since 1982 is a faux-digital clock made of 24 analog clicks with standard hour and minute hands. (via the supremely awesome lustik which you should be following)

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Sardine Paper Clips

These are fun. Sardine paper clips, $13 for a box of 30.

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Optical Illusion Bookshelf

A brilliant optical illusion bookshelf designed by Clarke Hopkins Clarke which reminds me of Lara Knutson’s three string shelf. (via mocoloco)

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