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Spice Dice

Now in stock at the Sebastian Bergne shop (previously), Spice Dice. Only 12 units in stock.

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Rocket Candles

Taking inspiration from retro-futuristic space illustration as seen in 1950s era comic book Tintin these Rocket Candles, should be “available soon” from the folks at Design Division. I’m trying to imagine an aesthetically pleasing way for the flame to originate from the proper end, however this solution seems sufficiently awesome.

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Concrete Clock

A beautiful concrete clock by 22design studio, the design firm behind these equally exceptional concrete rings that flooded the internet a few months ago. (via sub-studio)

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Sebastian Bergne

I’m really enjoying the objects available in the Sebastian Bergne online shop which just launched last December. Lots of fantastic things for the home and kitchen, as well as some playful stuff too. Sebastian Bergne is a multidisciplinary design firm out of London.

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Push and Store Cabinet

The Push and Store Cabinet by Chung-Tang Ho contains a matrix of perfectly sculpted wood allowing you to easily embed objects directly into the furniture similar to a Pinart toy. (via polkadot)

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DIY Webcam Giant

Architect Ryuji Nakamura thought of a brilliant way to convert his screen-mounted webcam into a miniature paper house that creates the illusion of turning him into a giant. Complete with tiny furniture. (via spoon & tamago)

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Floating Animation Pen

The floating animation pen is a collaboration between Japanese designers Satoshi Endo and Taku Sato who spent six months researching and developing the perfect combination of elements that would simulate a 6-frame slit animation within the tiny confines of a liquid filled pen. Mesmerizing. (via designboom)

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