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Paper Pillows by Atelier Punkt

These beautiful pillows by design firm Atelier Punkt in Montréal are constructed from felt and translucent tarp and then stuffed with shredded yellow paper. Each pillow is meant to represent a standard American paper size: letter, legal, and tabloid. If all goes as planned the pillows will soon be available from the Rita Boutique. (via dude craft)

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Interior Inspiration

A selection of killer interiors from a post over at Arrow & Arrow, a blog for the extremely awesome Spartan shop out of Austin which I intend on covering in a post soon. On a related note Paul over at Dude Craft posted my dream office last week.

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Assembly New York Geometric Terrariums

One of a kind hand-welded metal and glass terrariums for succulents available via Assembly. (via svpply)

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New at Atypyk

A couple days ago I linked to this Time is Money clock over at Atypyk. Today I noticed they have a bunch of new stuff in stock and after clicking through it I had a huge smile on my face. The upside down flaming car candle alone is a must-have for the general population of Earth I think (their description, not mine: Have fun! Set cars on fire (french tradition). Made in France.)

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San Andres Coffee Table

Embrace your faults with the San Andres coffee table designed by Ricardo Garza Marcos. (via quips)

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Marc Graells

Intriguing work from Barcelona-based designer Marc Graells. (via mocoloco).

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ShotShell Stainless Steel Shotglass

Because mixing guns and alcohol is awesome. A shot glass inspired by shotgun shells available at MadeByAmmo. (via coudal)

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