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Bee Raw Honey

In my day when you went to the grocery store there were only two types of honey: a big plastic bear with a yellow hat, or a small one. These days honey packaging and identity is undergoing a renaissance. From the minimalist, laboratory-inspired Ballard Bee Company to the very clever Sheffield Honey Company. But the beautiful honey flights shown above from Bee Raw in New York really take the cake for me. The packaging is almost as much art as it is function. Some of their stuff is currently out of stock, but the nine varietal and cheese flight are still available.

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Corrugated Logos

Mark Langan makes logos and artwork from corrugated cardboard. (via quips)

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One spooky pumpkin indeed

Designer Joe Bauldoff participated in a local pumpkin carving competition and fundraiser in Charlotte, North Carolina. He went for gold and carved the scariest thing any graphic designer could possibly think of: the rejected Gap logo. More info on his site. Nice work Joe.

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1,500 nails + 1,000 feet of string, and 5 days of work

Details are sketchy but this appears to be from a 2006 exhibit in Germany called FashionPunk. More images via Behance.

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Ballard Bee Company

Ballard Bee Company is an urban pollination company in Seattle, comprised of about 50 hives. Because Seattle limits the number of hives a resident can have their yard, Ballard contracts with dozens of individuals who volunteer to host hives in exchange for a couple bottles of glorious local honey each year. The end product is then sold to nearby restaurants and boutiques. A great interview with founder Corky Luster on Seattlest. (via mister crew)

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Snips London Identity

Hot identity work for London salon Znips by mind design.

The Znips logo is inspired by locks of hair and hand-cut lettering we found in a 80s Punk fanzine. As part of the interior we designed an art piece made from chopped books curled into strands of hair resembling the curved shapes in the logo.

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