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New Manic Doodles from Sagaki Keita

Sagaki Keita (previously) has updated his website with no less than a dozen new works completed this year alone. Keita continues his method of using manically scribbled doodles to create mind-melting illustrations of classic Roman statues. That he could create a single one of these in a year would impress me, but twelve seems simply inhuman. The earlier post of Keita’s work was one of the most popular in this blog’s history, and I’m so glad to be able to share his work with you again.

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Mekkanika Experimental Typeface

Mekkanika is a mind-blowing experimental typeface by Italian designer Riccardo Sabatini based on the Din Alternate Black font. Sabatini scanned hundreds of mechanical technical drawings and used the component pieces to create each intricate letterform, leaving no letter, number, Autobot or Decepticon logo unfinished. Take a deep dive through this epic project on Behance. He even provides a soundtrack.

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Illustrations by Budi Satria Kwan

A number of splendid illustrations by Singapore-based designer and illustrator Budi Satria Kwan. Available as prints on Society6. (via 2headedsnake)

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Light Paintings by Brian Matthew Hart

Three wonderful new light paintings by Brian Matthew Hart. Seen on Wooster.

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Sketchbook Drawings by James Jean

I’m enjoying these incredibly detailed sketchbook illustrations by James Jean. You can see many more of them on his blog, and also some great stuff available in his shop. (via booooooom)

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Incredible Spiral Illustrations by Chan Hwee Chong for Faber Castell

To demonstrate their Artist Pens, Faber Castell had Singapore-based art director and designer Chan Hwee Chong create meticulous spiral drawings of three masterpieces using their pens. In case the drawings themselves aren’t proof enough of Chong’s skill, a video was shot by Eric Yeo as he draws Girl With A Pearl Earring. This is advertising at its best. See more on Behance.

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Atelier Olschinsky’s Cities and Plants

For the past few months Atelier Olschinsky (previously) has been cranking out these stunning illustrations which he titles, simply, Cities and Plants. The complex hybrid of digital illustration and architecture is stunning, and several are available as fine art prints. Head over to Behance to take a deep dive, there are literally dozens of them.

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