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A Peek Inside Japanese Candy Sculptor Shinri Tezuka’s Amezaiku Studio 


At the age of only 27, self-taught candy sculptor Shinri Tezuka (previously) may be one of the youngest practitioners of amezaiku, the dwindling art of candy crafting. Even though the craft dates back hundreds of years, there are only two known candy makers in all of Tokyo who roll, sculpt, and paint lollipops in this manner. Great Big Story recently stopped by Tezuka’s workshop for a quick video interview you can see below.






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New-Generation Animators: Go Behind-The-Scenes With Three Animators Working by Hand 

For Colossal readers it shouldn’t be a surprise that we delight in seeing what artists and designers make with their bare hands, especially when it comes to animation. Monocle recently sat down with three top-notch animators who eschew digital animation in favor of stop-motion and other manual techniques. Go behind-the-scenes with Vera van Wolferen, Lucie Sunkova, and Daisy Jacobs (previously) as they talk about their process and animation techniques. For quick reference you can watch the films they’re working on in the interviews below.

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An Interview With Artist Beth Cavener Who Captures Human Emotions Through Sculpted Stoneware Animals 

[Briefly NSFW?] Artist Beth Cavener (previously) explores the extremes of human emotion and psychology through the articulated forms of animals. The twisting shapes of oversized predatory cats, foxes, goats, and other animals are meant to depict the internal and external human struggles of fear, anger, love. “On the surface, these figures are simply feral and domestic individuals suspended in a moment of tension,” Cavener shares, “[but] beneath the surface, they embody the consequences of human fear, apathy, aggression, and misunderstanding.”

Filmmaker Bas Berkhout of Like Knows Like recently interviewed Cavener in her Montana studio to learn more about the inspiration and process behind her sculpture for a new short film. If you’re interested, the video shows the artists working on two new pieces: Trapped and Foregiveness. (via Juxtapoz)





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A Tribute to Discomfort: Insights from National Geographic Photographer Cory Richards 

At the age of 14, photographer Cory Richards had dropped out of high school and was technically homeless. His education, he says, was instead obtained through the observation of struggle. Through various forms of discomfort and adventure he would eventually become the first American to successfully summit an 8,000-meter peak in winter (Pakistan’s Gasherbrum II), and launch an incredible career in photography through the pages of National Geographic.

Brooklyn-based digital media company Blue Chalk recently sat down with Richards to discuss his motivations and driving desire to connect with the people he photographs. (via ISO 1200, PetaPixel)






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Anthony Howe’s Otherworldly Kinetic Sculptures Powered by Wind 


The Creator’s Project recently visited with kinetic sculptor Anthony Howe who creates kinetic artworks powered by wind. You might remember Howe from a piece here on Colossal back in July. Watch the video above to learn more about his artistic philosophy and watch some excellent footage of his hypnotic sculptures.

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Some Colossal News 

I have some pretty exciting news to kick off the week. About four months ago I received an email from an editor at Wired asking if I might be interested in writing for them occasionally. After mulling things over for a few seconds I decided I was extremely interested. I pitched my first few ideas and now in the December issue you can flip to page 80 and find a piece I wrote on figurative sculptor Evan Penny (previously). I can’t tell you how thrilled and honored I am to be contributing to one of my favorite magazines, and want to thank my editor, Sarah Fallon, for helping me learn the ropes. The article isn’t online just yet, but I’ll be sure to link it up soon.

In more news, I was recently interviewed by my good friend Philip Haritgan over on Hyperallergic. If you’re interested in how Colossal got started, about how I curate content, or if you’d like to see my son’s art blog debut, head on over. A huge thanks to Philip and the great folks at Hyperallergic for the opportunity!

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