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Oona Rocks 

Enjoying this music video featuring a ukulele-playing, maraca-shaking girl who rocks out pretty hardcore with the assistance of some spectacularly fun editing. After 3:00 she goes into overdrive and it gets a little tragic. We can only hope she’ll be reassembled for future techno goodness.

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This Friday the prolifically creative folks at Chicago-based The Post Family are hosting an exhibition of work from the equally industrious Austin-based design studio Public School. Via their website:

PUBLIC SCHOOL is an Austin-based collective focused on design, illustration and photography. For a group based around creative collaboration, Homework is an opportunity to show the work created individually, after-hours, and with no client direction. Spanning a variety of mediums and covering subjects including cowboys, hot dogs, old motels, 30s stuff, and trade gothic, Homework features much of the self-initiated work produced by the studio this year.

More info can be found here. Looking forward to it!

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