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Hopscotch by Mr. Talion

Hopscotch as seen on the streets of Berlin, by Mr. Talion. (via rebel:art)

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Little Sapling Toys

Little Sapling Toys out of Idaho make some really great objects for kids.

Here at Little Sapling Toys, we are committed to quality toys and a healthy earth. We plant a tree for every toy sold, use FSC Certified hardwoods, recycled content packaging and participate in our local green power program.

Their collection of teething toys, including the shape of every U.S. state gave me a good laugh. Oh and bowling yes please. (via cielbleu)

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Popville Pop-Up Book

Popville by Anouck Boisrobert and Louis Rigaud is the perfect book for your budding urban planner. (via notcot)

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Hospital Robot Buddy

The Hospital Robot Buddy (rough translation from the Swedish Sjukhusroboten Kompis) is a graduate project from industrial designer Linus Sundblad that is meant to act as a friendly communications platform to family and friends for hospitalized children.

I have investigated the possibility of creating a relationship between patient and product; a companion that is always there for the child. I have also looked more closely at how communication could be increased between the sick child and her/his friends and parents at times when they are unable to be with the child. The aim is to increase the feeling of security for the sick child and her/his relatives.

Earlier this month Sundblad was the recipient of an annual grant that will perhaps allow him to pursue this vision even further. Personally I think he would do just fine by manufacturing a million of these cute wooden robots which are insanely awesome without multimedia components. (via below the clouds)

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Efraïm Rodriguez Cobos

Really enjoying these wooden sculptures by Efraïm Rodriguez Cobos who lives and works in Barcelona. He creates a large composite foundation from loose pieces of beechwood or sycamore and then carefully carves the figures, a process that creates interesting fragmentation within the final piece. He also has a fascination with ostriches.

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Robot Challenge #39: Design a robot that is made out of other robots

Robot Challenge is a web site run by my friend Dan and his son Roosevelt who possesses the rare ability to draw any type of robot you could possibly imagine. Apparently there is a bit of a backlog so be patient!

Real Narnia-Like Wardrobe of Awesomeness

I would have been the most popular kid in grade school (and let’s be honest, probably high school too) if I had just had a secret Narnia room like this. Designed by Douglas Shepherd of Maple Seed Renovation in Portland who specializes in custom residential remodeling projects. I wonder if he could also build a fireman’s pole into the kitchen and a water slide from the roof? (via dornob)

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