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A Kinetic Sculpture of 15 Moving LEDs Mimics a Walking Person 


Study for Fifteen Points. Motors, custom driver electronics, custom software, aluminium, LEDs, computer. 712 x 552 x 606 mm.

With spindly legs that look like an upturned spider, this experimental kinetic artwork by Random International relies on the viewer to watch from just the right perspective to reveal a hidden secret. Each of the 15 ‘arms’ is tipped with white LEDs that collectively move to mimic the motions of a walking human figure. Titled Study for Fifteen Points, the piece was created to examine the “minimal amount of information that is actually necessary for the animated form to be recognised as human.”

Random International are an artist collective known for their ambitious interactive installations and sculptures that incorporate robotics and data, most notably the wildly popular Rain Room. Study for Fifteen Points is the first foray into a new body of work by the group and we’re excited to see what follows. (via The Creator’s Project)





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Wandkalender & Wandplaner 2011 by Populäre Produkte 

If I was in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey and needed a super minimalist calendar and planner to tack up inside my spacecraft en route to Jupiter, I would probably bring along the Wandkalender & Wandplaner 2011 by Populäre Produkte (for sale here). The calendar and planner come with 100 sticky notes to mark the day when your buddies are supposed to be woken from cryogenic hibernation, or when it’s time to pay the heating bill. One side in German, the other in English. (via design milk).

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