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A Frog Leaps into Ludicrous Speed


A Wisconsin photographer who goes by A Regular Tom Sawyer snapped this eye-popping photo of a camera-shy frog as it lept from a person’s palm causing a streak of motion out of the frame. Such amazing timing. (via Reddit)

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Vika Palatova

A great capture from Moscow-based photographer Vika Palatova.

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MÖBIUS: A Stop Motion Sculpture

Created by environmental design group Eness, MÖBIUS is a sculpture commissioned by the city of Melbourne that was photographed and animated over two weeks in May 2011. The piece consists of 21 green triangles that can be configured into several cyclical patterns creating the optical illusion of motion. This is a really fantastic example of public artwork, as the individuals who interact with the space inevitably become part of the art itself. (via change the thought)

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