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The Storybook Fantasies of Dara Scully

The world of Spanish artist Dara Scully is filled with childlike fantasy, her photos blending the lines between fact and fiction, each loaded with rich narrative potential. Acting frequently as the protagonist, Scully places herself in a world where bicycles are strapped to hot air balloons, where she parties with miniature elephants, and has adventures rivaling those of Alice in Wonderland. I can only hope an enterprising children’s book publisher will reach out to her soon. Follow along via Flickr. (thnx, dara!)

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Quasi Cinema

I just covered the work of Lucas Simões less than 10 posts ago but he just uploaded this new project called Quasi Cinema that seemed worth mentioning. Using sequential photographs that have been bent and woven with string into long rows he recreates a sense of cinematic motion in these wall-mounted installations. Much more here.

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A really lovely short animation by Kirsten Lepore. And a brief making of.

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A Town Called Panic

For the past few months Futureshorts has been releasing episodes of the 2000 French animated series Panique Au Village, distributed by Aardman Animations of Wallace & Gromit fame. Each episode follows Indian, Cowboy and Horse as they find themselves in assorted predicaments that generally make no sense whatsoever. The series was also turned into a full-length film released a few weeks ago.

I accept full responsibility if I’ve just exposed you to the stupidest thing you’ve ever seen in your life.

Every Drop Counts Soup Bowls

Tilted bowls with stories and graphics that reveal themselves as you eat, for sale over at Hidden Art (£18). (via holycool)

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Photocopy Romance

A music video shot entirely using a photocopier by Neverhide Films, and a nice making of Flickr set. (via changethought)

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