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Josh Sommers: Stereographic Projections 

Generally when I encounter stereographic photos they all tend to look the same to me, or it seems like an overused effect applied at will to any image simply to make it “cool”. I genuinely feel that way about tilt-shift photos lately. However when I saw Josh Sommer‘s work today I knew immediately this was something different, something better. There’s a crispness and intensity to these photos, in that they appear to have been planned from the beginning instead of having an effect slapped on afterward. Much, much more over on his Flickr, including some stereographic animations and equirectangular panoramas. (via design boom)

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Mixed-Media Worlds by Gregory Euclide 

Artist Gregory Euclide fuses acrylic, biodegradable film, canvas, wood, eucalyptus, ferns, foam, moss, paper, pencil, photo transfer, sponge, and a multitude of other materials into miniature organic and urban landscapes, each object leading purposefully and delicately to the next. Wow. A couple thousand more images via Flickr. (via arrested motion)

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Conservationist Kerri Wolter Flies with Vultures 

Conservationist Kerri Wolter who manages the Vulture Conservation Program in Magaliesberg, South Africa gets the opportunity to paraglide with several thousand vultures. Really incredible camera work and breathtaking shots of birds I wouldn’t normally consider so beautiful or majestic. Head over to Vimeo for the HD version which is an order of magnitude more awesome.

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Urban Beekeeping in Vancouver 

One of my earliest memories in life is driving through the Texas hill country with my father to a bee supply store. I was maybe six and we’d spent the better part of a month constructing two beehives from scratch, painting them, nailing together frames, and wiring the wax sheets into place. On the way home it was my job to hold a small wooden box we’d just purchased that contained a queen bee and a few drones. At the store the man behind the counter said the queen could lay thousands of eggs in a day, a number I could hardly comprehend. So the entire hive, thousands of bees, gallons of honey, was all to come from this one tiny bee the size of a jelly bean. How awesome.

The photos above are taken by two guys in Vancouver who are keeping bees in the yard behind their home where it sounds like they may have been evicted. Curious if it was because of the bees? Many more photos on Behance.

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