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Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy’s solo show, LOOK, recently opened at gallery nine5 in New York. His artworks span a wide variety of media including multi-layered 3D sculptures, sound installations, and paintings with materials including nails, shadows, water, and sandblasted bullet-proof glass. Some of my favorite pieces are shown above, and you can see more in the show’s catalogue. Better yet, stop by gallery nine5 through October 6. (thnx, irina!)

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Barack Obama as a toddler. Dressed as a pirate.

From an article in NY Times Magazine about his mother, “Obama’s Young Mother Abroad”. (via laughing squid)

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Stop the Violence Book

The founder of design firm Thirst/Chicago, Rick Valicenti recently art directed this incredible book using the photography of Francois Robert from his series Stop the Violence. Each spread features an individual letter from the alphabet—compositions made of human bones arranged by Robert—in juxtaposition with a page from President Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech from 2009. I just got my copy in the mail and the book is truly stunning. It’s 36 pages and over a foot tall. How much would you be willing to pay for such a killer publication? It’s free. Whoops, looks like you folks snapped up the last few copies. Published by Classic Color.

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I’ve never seen these incredibly candid photos of President Obama before. For someone who runs this site I can’t imagine how these have eluded me. (via how to be a retronaut)

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