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Origami Beetle by Shuki Kato

Spotted this amazing paper beetle designed and folded by Shuki Kato. It’s folded from a single 22″ square of tracing paper and has a nearly 10″ wingspan. Check out the rest of his impeccable folding work here.

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Origami Crane Made from … 2,000,000 Origami Cranes: A Flapping Success for Japan Earthquake Relief

Photo by Andrew Moore for New York Times Magazine. Click for detail.

Shortly after the Japan earthquake the nonprofit Bezos Family Foundation invited children from around the world to mail origami cranes to its Seattle headquarters, promising to donate $2 per crane to the relief efforts, up to to $200,000. A few days later a truck arrived filled with thousands of cranes. And then another truck. And then another. Eventually over 2,000,000 cranes arrived at the steps of the non-profit and the organization doubled its donation. Now, Brooklyn-based Brazilian artist Vik Muniz has been tasked with taking the cranes and making something incredible with them. Above, an image from the New York Times Magazine shows the progress of his meta paper crane mosaic made of paper cranes made from math homework, hall passes, love letters, Saran wrap, Kleenex, candy wrappers, and restaurant menus. Astounding! (via hyperallergic, ny times magazine)

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Incredibly Small Origami by Anja Markiewicz

Paper artist Anja Markiewicz folds these impossibly small origami pieces using sheets of paper smaller than an inch in width. Many more examples here.

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Paper Skull Concept by D-Sturbed

How wicked is this paper skull concept? It kind of reminds me of an origami Punisher logo. Details are scarce on what this actually is, but it was created by Matthieu Jacobs of the creative firm D-Sturbed. Please mass produce these.

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Currency Koi

Good lord isn’t this little koi amazing? It’s amazing. Look at all those teeny tiny scaly folds! It originally appeared on the tumblelog of Mizu Kami and was subsequently reblogged about a billion times, but I don’t think he’s the artist. I bet the instructions would require 100 times the amount of paper. (via fasels suppe)

Update: It turns out that Mizu Kami did in fact fold the Koi, and the design is by Won Park. (thnx mizu & caitlin!)

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Origami by Eyal

Yeah, so file this under things I’ll never have the patience to do. Details are scarce, but Flickr user EyalR folds some incredible things with a single sheet of paper. Most of the designs are by other artists, such as Nguyen Hung Cuong and Hojyo Takashi, but his skill is palpable in each delicate piece. This lizard almost looks like real thing.

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Twelve currencies folded into rings

After attending an interactive design workshop, Sophie Kemp was tasked with redesigning the parameters of a common interaction. For her project she chose the generous though often uninspiring act of giving money.

I decided to take the cold cut process of giving people money and enhance the experience of this action. I decided to take a dollar bill and use origami folds to make it into a ring as the giving of a ring has such emotional connections. I then made these rings out of 12 different currencies.

I’ve seen my fair share of folded origami rings, and maybe even struggled through making one myself in grade school, but seeing that same process applied across the layouts of different paper bill designs is pretty awesome. (via creative review)

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