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Astounding Origami by Nguyen Hung Cuong 









Paper artist Nguyễn Hùng Cường lives and works in Hanoi and folds many of his original, distinctly expressive origami works using a Vietnamese handmade paper called Dó. Cường tells All Things Paper that he began folding around the age of five or six and although his work has been featured in numerous popular books on origami, he has not yet made it his full-time career. See much more of his work on Flickr. All photos courtesy the artist. (via all things paper)

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Sculptures Hand-Cut from Single Sheets of Paper by Nahoko Kojima 

Cloud Leopard

Cloud Leopard, detail

Cloud Leopard, detail

Cloud Leopard, installation view

Nahoko Kojima working on Byaku, upcoming

Peacock (3.3′ x 4.25′)

Peacock, detail

Kojima holding artwork

Chandelier, two paper planes

Chandelier, detail


Japanese paper artist Nahoko Kojima cuts intricate sculptures of animals, textures, and other natural phenomenon from single sheets of paper, some of which are displayed encased in acrylic sheets while others like her Cloud Leopard are installed as 3D artworks. The artist is currently working on a new piece titled Byaku that will be unveiled at the Jerwood Space in London next month, an ambitious artwork of a life-sized swimming polar bear made using a single sheet of white Washi paper.

You can see much more of Kojima’s work in this online gallery, and learn more about her work at Solo Kojima, a design studio she founded with Shari Solo. (via designboom)

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Stop Motion Wire and Paper Music Video by Patator Prod 



There are some fantastic sequences in this brief stop motion clip by Victor Haegelin of Patator Prod accompanied by music from Professor Kliq. Haegelin relies entirely on bent wire and paper to create everything you see and it’s amazing how fluid all the individual wire strands become when animated like this, wish it went a bit longer. (via vimeo)

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‘Screengrab’ Will Mess with Your Brain 


Filmmaker Willie Witte is currently working on a documentary series for PBS but in his spare time he makes fun experimental films. His latest, SCREENGRAB, was made without the help of computer effects though I can’t quite figure out how. After watching this three times the hemispheres of my brain are the equivalent of cross-eyed. Music by Kevin McAlpine. (via booooooom)

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Realistic Birds Made from Paper and Watercolor Paint by Johan Scherft 








At the age of 14 Johan Scherft made his first papercraft bird which he colored with a pencil, modeled after the flying paper models of english artist of Malcolm Topp. His self-created models along with his drawings gained him admittance to the royal academy of arts in The Hague where he perfected his painting and sculptural techniques. Nearly 30 years later the Dutch artist has become a master of the medium creating a wide variety of objects including dinosaurs, animals, boats, and especially birds. Scherft uses a computer to aid in the initial steps of creating the paper blueprints but everything else is done by hand, a painstaking process that can take several days and occasionally up to a full month to complete.

If you want to explore a bit more head over to his Facebook page and read a bit more about his process on My Modern Met. Scherft also keeps an active YouTube channel where he’s filmed numerous tutorials; don’t miss his solar-powered hummingbird.

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