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Paper Alphabet for Sculpture Today 

From the AIGA Archives, a beautiful alphabet designed by Sonya Dyakova for Phaidon in 2007.

The alphabet sprung from wanting to highlight what makes sculpture different from other art forms. By cutting and folding a flat sheet of paper, a three-dimensional alphabet was devised. A considerable amount of effort went into crafting and arranging the letterforms, each one playfully varying in shape, the depth remaining constant.

The legibility of the type is greatly influenced by the angle from which it is viewed. When viewed directly from above, the edges of the paper create outlines, making the letterforms easy to read.

(via meryl friedman)

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Paper Pop-Up Roundup 

In the same vein as Thomas Allen’s pulp novel pop-up book art, artist Mia Cabana and her boyfriend, photographer Oliver Scott Snure are making similar pop-ups in their Ex Libris project. (via Design*Sponge)

And just when you thought you couldn’t take any more popping of paper, French artist Anastassia Elias gets down to work with an x-acto and some toilet paper rolls. Not to mention clever photography, that. (via Coudal)

Many more here.

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