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Pooled Oil Paintings by Matthew Davis

Berlin-based artist Matthew Davis creates these surreal images by using his brush to slowly drip oil paints into small pools. After each color dries over a period of several days a new layer is added resulting in a dense, multi-dimensional surface. The understanding and control of color that goes into this is beyond me. You can see more of his paintings and read an article about Davis in the German magazine Art (nsfw). (via this isn’t happiness)

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The Photography of Lukasz Wierzbowski

A number of extraordinary images by Poland-based photographer Lukasz Wierzbowski (previously). Check out his shop for a few limited edition prints, but you can also request prints of his other images as well via his website. (via illusion)

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Line Drawings by Vasilj Godzh

A number of exquisite line drawings by Russian illustrator Vasilj Godzh. See much more over on Behance.


This is a killer claymation test by animator Peter Sluszka. I can’t imagine how much time it must have taken to accomplish something like this. Really hope it’s part of something longer. (via stellar)

The Uncanny Photography of Jeremy O’Sullivan

There are so many unexpected images in the photostream of Beijing-based photographer Jeremy O’Sullivan it was impossible to select just a handful to show you. It’s worth flipping through all 700 of his photos to discover treasures like these. (via things caught in michael’s eye)

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Haunting Portraits of the Homeless by Lee Jeffries

Manchester-based photographer Lee Jeffries is an accountant by profession but for the past few years he’s traveled around the world photographing people he encounters on the streets, particularly the homeless. He spends time getting to know each of his subjects before shooting them, which I think is completely evident in his work, as the stark portraits seem to suggest details of each individuals life, taking a hard unflinching look at their personal condition. Jeffries was just announced as the Digital Camera Photographer of the Year and you can read more about him at the Independent. (via impose)

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Graffiti and Acrylic Works by Robert Proch

Poland-based painter, illustrator, and animator Robert Proch has a style unlike anything I’ve seen before. His figures are often dramatically skewed, standing alone against vibrant planes of color or surrounded by hints of geometric patterns and shapes. See much more over on Behance.

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