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New Manic Doodles from Sagaki Keita 

Sagaki Keita (previously) has updated his website with no less than a dozen new works completed this year alone. Keita continues his method of using manically scribbled doodles to create mind-melting illustrations of classic Roman statues. That he could create a single one of these in a year would impress me, but twelve seems simply inhuman. The earlier post of Keita’s work was one of the most popular in this blog’s history, and I’m so glad to be able to share his work with you again.

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Paintings by Lou Ros 

Self-taught artist Lou Ros began his career by tagging walls and buildings with friends at the age of 17. Now 26, he’s exhibiting his paintings worldwide with no less than seven upcoming group and solo exhibitions in Miami, New York, Paris and elsewhere. Some of the pieces above are from his Faces series, many of which were shown at an exhibition earlier this spring at Tache Gallery. (via art fixx)

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Miharu Matsunaga: Ten-ten 

Using thousands of meticulously painted dots (“ten-ten” in Japanese) designer and photographer Miharu Matsunaga has been exploring the interconnectedness of people and places in these two recently completed projects. The first, a series of mottled portraits was completed as part of her graduate work at Tama Art University. The delicate white dots are meant as a visual display of the often neglected and forgotten interconnectedness between “family, parents, sister, friend, man, woman, adult, baby, race,” and people of different languages. Matsunaga continues this organic, dotted exploration in Ten-ten wherein the dots are used to cover interior walls, vehicles, and other objects. Stunning work. (via spoon and tamago)

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