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Miharu Matsunaga: Ten-ten 

Using thousands of meticulously painted dots (“ten-ten” in Japanese) designer and photographer Miharu Matsunaga has been exploring the interconnectedness of people and places in these two recently completed projects. The first, a series of mottled portraits was completed as part of her graduate work at Tama Art University. The delicate white dots are meant as a visual display of the often neglected and forgotten interconnectedness between “family, parents, sister, friend, man, woman, adult, baby, race,” and people of different languages. Matsunaga continues this organic, dotted exploration in Ten-ten wherein the dots are used to cover interior walls, vehicles, and other objects. Stunning work. (via spoon and tamago)

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New Oil Paintings by Simon Birch 

I’ve been viscerally aware of Simon Birch’s paintings for some time, but it wasn’t until stumbling onto his latest series, Laughing With a Mouth Full of Blood, that I really stopped to consider his staggering talent. The paintings from this series use bold, bright color that’s applied in angular, almost geometric brush strokes creating these wonderful portraits. Birch is a U.K.-born artist of Armenian descent who now lives and works in Hong Kong. He’s represented by Future Industries where you can see many more paintings from this exhibition. (via nevver)

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Rat vs. Possum: Fat Monk, Directed by Lucy McRae 

I’ve been wanting to do a post on “body architect” Lucy McRae for quite a while after discovering her somewhat creepy metallic skin and safety pin clips that explore the body’s relationship with artificial skins made from found objects. McRae makes her directorial debut in this carefully choreographed music video for the Australian band Rat vs Possum. (via your music today)

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