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Gravity, Meet Your Archenemy 

A new ad for Asics shoes by Vitro, USA. I want so badly to believe this is real, but I don’t quite see how it’s done. If somebody wants to explain the science to me I’d love to hear it. Actually, on third viewing it looks like there’s just little stoppers on the lines and they blow the pingpong balls with air, in which case I think this is certifiably awesome. (via i believe in advertising)

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Ping Pong Apartment 

Daniel Arsham‘s 90 square foot apartment in Brooklyn is constructed with a lining of 25,000 ping pong balls. The loft space is attached to Daniel’s firm, Snarkitecture, and contains just enough room for sleeping and dressing.

The apartment — which Snarkitecture designed — was built in two months for less than $100 a square foot. That’s about $50 cheaper than your average loft.

Ok, I’m not denying that this is the most awesome toaster-sized loft apartment I’ve ever seen in my life, but aren’t ping pong balls like the most flammable thing of all time? Just sayin, I hope there’s a ping pong fire extinguisher under the bed. (via fastco)

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