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Shadow Clouds 

A shadow cloud is a three-dimensional object, consisting of multiple shadow-casting elements semi-randomly arranged in three dimensions in such a way, that depending on the direction of illumination the overall shadow of the cloud displays various images encoded in it.

Consider my mind totally blown. Is anyone mass-producing these things?

(via wooster, and art you know)

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Paper Pop-Up Roundup 

In the same vein as Thomas Allen’s pulp novel pop-up book art, artist Mia Cabana and her boyfriend, photographer Oliver Scott Snure are making similar pop-ups in their Ex Libris project. (via Design*Sponge)

And just when you thought you couldn’t take any more popping of paper, French artist Anastassia Elias gets down to work with an x-acto and some toilet paper rolls. Not to mention clever photography, that. (via Coudal)

Many more here.

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