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Recent Stencil Graffiti from C215 










No matter how many times I stop to consider artworks by Parisian street artist C215 (previously) I’m left wondering just how he pulls it off. The texture, the color, the detail, all executed with stencils and spray paint on any available surface. C215 says that he frequently portrays “things and people that society aims at keeping hidden: homeless people, smokers, street kids, bench lovers for example,” though one of his favorite muses is his daughter Nina who has appeared in numerous portraits over the years. He also sneaks in references to pop culture, most notably one of the best tributes to Robin Williams I’ve seen yet.

Collected here are a number of pieces from the last year or so, you can see more on Flickr and Facebook. A retrospective of his work opens at Opera Gallery in Paris in October.

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Shadowy Optical Illusion Mural by Strøk in Italy 

Anne Esser

As part of the Memorie Urbane street art festival in Italy, Norweigan stencil artist Anders Gjennestad (aka Strøk) painted this shadowy mural on the side of an old school. This is just one of numerous pieces created for the festival including many Colossal favorites like Pixel Pancho, Seth, Pablo Herrero, Natalia Rak, Levalet, Ernest Zacherevic, Etam Cru, David de la Mano, and Alice Pasquini. (via Fecal Face)

Anne Esser

Anne Esser

Anne Esser

Anne Esser

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Detailed Stencil Street Art by Jana & JS 







Jana & JS are a street art duo currently based in Austria who specialize in detailed stencil work, frequently depicting people with cameras or couples sharing intimate moments. Shown here are a few pieces from recent stops in the German countryside and Brookyln, see much more on their website and on Facebook. (via Hi-Fructose, StreetArtNews)

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Perfectly Placed Stencil by ABOVE is Best Viewed at Night 




Street artist ABOVE tells me via email that it took nearly seven months of searching around London to find the perfect location for his latest stencil of a breakdancer who appears precariously balanced atop the shadow of a parking sign. The piece is only viewable at night when a street lamp casts a shadow at the precise angle to make the illusion work. Fun!

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Stencils by C215 

Prolific street artist C215 (previously) has been making new work seemingly all over Europe lately with stops in Lisbon, Barcelona, Dublin, London, and elsewhere. His vibrant stencil works rely on carefully layered fields of color and texture making each piece seem like it’s practically illuminated from behind. You can explore his Flickr page for many more works, and he opens a solo show at Montana Gallery in Barcelona on December 13th.

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Urban Cityscapes Spray Painted on Cardboard Panels by EVOL 

German street artist EVOL (previously) is currently showing a number of new pieces at Jonathan LeVine gallery. The new works feature urban facades spray painted with the use of stencils on flat sheets of cardboard. Much like his outdoor graffiti, these stencils display an uncanny attention to detail, depicting light and shadow that transforms mundane surfaces of consumer packaging into fascinating, seemingly multi-dimensional pieces of art. The show runs through May 5th. (via juxtapoz)

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